The Refuge: Thin Slizzy Pizzeria & Bar

Thin Slizzy Pizzeria & Bar

On one unforgiving night, I found myself seeking solace at the threshold of a bustling haven: the Thin Slizzy Pizzeria & Bar. Drained from a day consumed by flights and fatigue, my only longing was for a mouthful of heavenly delight and a quenching elixir to wash down the weariness. Little did I know, I was about to be served a feast, far exceeding my humble expectations.

An Electric Tapestry

Stepping into the Thin Slizzy, you’re immediately struck by its infectious energy. A sanctuary teeming with ebullient souls, all tethered together by the language of laughter and camaraderie. A family of amiable servers who, despite the chaos, welcomed me with bright, open smiles. A solitary spot at the bar quickly became my perch, where a cold Melbourne Bitter was the perfect catalyst to conversations and revelations.

The Keeper of Stories

A charming interaction led me to Scotty, the orchestrator of this harmonious cacophony. His tales painted a vivid picture of Collingwood, the neighborhood that birthed Thin Slizzy. Once a gritty canvas, now polished by the brushstrokes of gentrification, it’s a colorful symphony of hipsters, young professionals, audacious street art, and a pulsating music scene. A living, breathing testament to the resilient spirit of a locality that’s seen it all.


The Melodious Symphony: Thin Slizzy’s Pizzas

The time had come to appease the beast of hunger that roared within me. And so, two divine creations – the MEATALLICA and the NAPOLETANA – graced my table.

  • The MEATALLICA: A crescendo of meaty magnificence, every morsel an ode to the carnivorous indulgence.
  • The NAPOLETANA: A tantalizing dance of salty tanginess, masterfully orchestrated by anchovies and olives.

And the crowning glory? A crust as thin and crispy as a serene autumn leaf. Despite her slender form, biting into a Thin Slizzy slice was an explosion of sensory delight. Describing the experience simply as — pure ecstasy.


A Quirky Companion

As the night progressed, fueled by the taste of more Melbourne Bitters, an imaginary companion decided to join my escapade. A cheeky monkey, who, much to my amusement, exhibited a fondness for my pizza. The Thin Slizzy crew played along with the whimsical narrative, even offering him a slice, a gesture that turned an ordinary evening into an unforgettable merriment.

An Unforgettable Sojourn

Thus, the Thin Slizzy Pizzeria & Bar emerges as a must-visit on your culinary map. A haven where top-notch food, warmth of staff, and the lively ambiance join hands to create an unforgettable experience. And if, perchance, you’re accompanied by an imaginary friend, they’re in for a delight too! After all, in the realm of Thin Slizzy, we’re all characters in this delicious story.

Check them out!

Thin Slizzy Pizzeria & Bar
115 Johnston St Collingwood VIC 3066